Belkan Navy is the naval force of the Armed Forces of Belka and is the third largest navy of the planet of Strangereal (after Osean Maritime Defense Force and Yuktobanian Navy). The flagship of the Belkan Navy is the aircraft carrier BFS Njord


The Belkan War (1995)Edit

They are instrumental to the blitzkreig of the countries involved in the Belkan War, though to an unkown extent. They are first combated during The Battle of Futuro Canal, where their fleet is quickly and decisively defeated by the Osean 3rd Fleet and their new, state of the art aircraft carrier OFS Kestrel and the Ustio 66th Air Force Unit. They are later defeated during a surprise attack by the Ustio 66th Air Force Unit during Operation Broom and totally destroyed after they refused the order to stand down.

Post-Belkan War (1996-The Present Day)Edit

The Belkan Navy was totally destroyed in the Belkan War with very heavy losses but was rebuilt after the war. In 2009, the navy became the third largest navy of the world and one of the most powerful navies in the history.


Aircraft CarriersEdit

BFS Njord-class Aircraft Carrier

BFS Ulyanovsk-class Aircraft Carrier

BFS Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov-class Aircraft Carrier


BFS Iowa-class Battleship


BFS Kirov-class Battlecruiser


BFS Sovremenny-class Missile Destroyer

BFS Kongo-class Guided Missile Destroyer


Krivak-class Frigate


BFS Typhoon-class Guided Missile Submarine

BFS Akula-class Guided Missile Submarine

BFS Type VII-class U-Boat


BFS Pegasus-class Hydrofoil