Decepticon Troop Carrier (Transformers universe)
The Decepticon Troop Carrier is a heavy warship and transport spacecraft built by the Decepticon for carry of the Decepticon fighters. These big ships carry troops and fighter craft to the battle field. They are slow moving but there ominous presence in the sky can strike fear into the strongest of warriors. They are armed with missile pods above the "Bridge" and on each flank. They are very versatile, and they carry there own personal fighter escort.

The Fighter craft store in the sides of the these ships for re-fuelling and supplying. When they need to be deployed, the side panels open and the ships are carried out by Tractor beam. The pilots board by a gangway that stretches along the inside of the ship. There are ladders going to where the fighters dock.

The troop carriers are among the largest warships in the Decepticon Armada, but are much smaller than the Decepticon Star Dreadnoughts, the largest Decepticon warships in the armada.