K-1000 Sovietsky Soyuz class battleship

Soviet battleship K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz

Class overview
Name: K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz

Shipyard Nr. 189, Leningrad

Admiralty Shipyard, Leningrad

Nikolayev South Shipyard, Nikolayev

Nikolayev North Shipyard, Nikolayev

Shipyard Nr. 402, Severodvinsk

Operators: Soviet Navy
Preceded by: Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz
Succeeded by: K-1000 Sovetskaya Byelorossia class battleship
Built: 1953-1970
In commission: 1958-Present
Planned: 7
Completed: 7
Cancelled: 0
Retired: 0
Active: K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz, K-1000 Strana Sovetov, K-1000 Sovetskaya Byelorossia, K-1000 Krasnaya Bessarabiya, K-1000 Krasnaya Sibir', K-1000 Sovietskaya Konstitutsia, K-1000 Lenin
General characteristics after 1953 modifications
Type: Guided missile battleship

45,000 tonnes (45,500 long tons) (standard)

55,000 tonnes (55,500 long tons) (deep load)

59 000 tonnes (59,500 long tons) (full load)

Length: 290 m (859,5 ft 1 in)
Beam: 37,5 m (131,25 ft 2 in)
Draught: 10,4 m (34 ft 1 in)
Installed power: 264,000 shp

3 shafts, Brown Boveri steam turbines

6 triangle-type boilers

Speed: (52 km/h; 24 mph)
Complement: 2500

9 × 3 510 mm (20.0 in) guns

11 × 2 130 mm (5.1 in) guns

10 × 1 130 mm (5.1 in) guns

10 × 1 100 mm (3.9 in) guns

Two Chelomei 16KhN launchers


Waterline belt: 180–420 mm (7.1–17 in)

Deck: 25–155 mm (0.98–6.1 in)

Turrets: 230–495 mm (9.1–19.5 in)

Barbettes: 425 mm (16.7 in)

Bulkheads: 75–365 mm (3–14 in)

Conning tower: 425 mm (16.7 in)

Electronics: Radar
Aircraft carried: None

The K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz class battleship is a class of Soviet guided missile battleships launched and commissioned by the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the 1950s, the first battleships in the human history ever to be armed with guided missiles and is very heavily armed.

With over 55,000 long tons, the K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz class are the largest battleships ever built for the Soviet Navy since the commission of the Sovetsky Soyuz class battleship in the late 1930s, and the largest battleships ever built by the Soviet Union. Seven battleships were ordered, completed and commissioned for the Soviet Navy.

The battleships is armed with nine 510 mm (20 inch) guns together with smaller guns and has two Chelomei 16KhN launchers, making it the heaviest and most powerful surface combatant warships in the Soviet Navy.

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