Kamov Ka-65 Howler
Kamov Ka-65 Howler
Role Attack helicopter
Manufacturer Kamov
First flight 2010
Introduction 2018
Primary users

Soviet Union

Russian Federation

Spetsnaz Guard Brigades

Number built Over 10,000
Unit cost $2,000,000
Developed from Kamov Ka-50

The Kamov Ka-65 Howler is the SGB's attack helicopter, it is equiped with 8 missile pods, 4 on each side, a small cannon under the nose of the helicopter. It can also be upgraded with more deadly missile systems and an upgraded chain gun.


After extensive research using statistics from the Afghan campaign the Kamov Aircraft company reasoned that with computer assistance a single pilot could cope with almost any situation. The result of their ten year programme of study and flight testing was the Kamov Ka-50 Hokum, the world's first single seat coaxial rotor attack helicopter. It was also the first helicopter of any kind to be fitted with an ejection seat. The Kamov Ka-50's high degree of technical complexity was also unique for Russian combat equipment (though it is still very survivable). The Kamov Ka-65 Howler takes the Kamov Ka-50 and improves on it, adding more advanced avionics, more powerful and fuel efficient engines, a second crew member, and stronger quieter rotor blades. The Kamov Ka-65 also does away with the ejection seat, which was admittedly no better than auto-rotation.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Crew: 2, one behind the other.

Lenght- 13.2 m

Width- 6.1 m

Height- 5.4 m

Weight- 11,000 kg

Power Plant- 2x, 2,500hp conventional turboshaft engines

Primary Armament- 30 mm cannon, 88mm Anti-Tank Missile pods

Howler CallsignsEdit

  • Buzzard
  • Warwitch
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Moonmoth
  • Condor
  • Hawk Owl
  • Snow Owl
  • Snowgoose
  • Dragonfly


  • Kamov Ka-50 and Kamov Ka-52 have their gun mounted on the right side. The undernose cannon is borrowed from Mi-28 Havok. So is a two-man crew; when Kamov had to add a second crewman, they took a Kamov Ka-50, locatedthe seats side-by-side, and called it Kamov Ka-52.
  • Removing the ejection seat is a bad idea - research in experimental units showed that the seat is of much reassurance to the pilots.
  • Kamov Ka-50/Kamov Ka-52 is one of the few unis and vehicles exclusive to the real-world Russian SpetsNaz.