MAZ-660 King Spider
MAZ-660 King Spider is a Russian vehicle in both the Russian Ground Forces and the elite formation Spetsnaz Guard Brigades. It is a Command vehicle and one of the most powerful vehicles in the Russian Armed Forces. Even two other countries have MAZ-660 King Spider, the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China.


The MAZ-660 King Spider is the Command vehicle for the SGB. It's drones are regular Russian Army bodyguards armed with AK-74 assault rifles. It is equipped with two 23mm chainguns on each side of the turret. It can be upgraded with rocket pods for added damage against vehicles. The drones, like the other factions can be upgraded. Once uprgraded they gain grenade launchers for added damage against vehicles. The UAV, once the King Spider is upgraded with it, automatically has weapons; the only UAV to do so without being upgraded first, it does that at a quarter of cost, yet it still requires Rank 3. Like the other Command vehicles it allows the player to access Sitrep, allows greater tactical overview and control of both the players units and battlefield.

Technological OverviewEdit

Primary armaments- 23mm chainguns, RU-20 bodyguards

Special features- Combat support, stealth detection, trap detection,

The MAZ-660 King Spider includes an eclectic mix of modern equipment and old equipment. The modern equipment includes ECM systems, high-end video and audio surveillance hardware, battlefield computers, and communications gear. The low end equipment acts as a backup system and includes everything from a wired tactical telephone set with a 650m cable reel to signal flags. King Spiders are also equipped with the Tu-3 Vulture UAV. The Vulture is a bit dated when compared to EFEC and JSF UAVs as it lacks VTOL and hover capabilities, but it is well-armed and can engage a variety of targets. Instead of sentry drones each King Spider has a compliment of Russian soldiers to protect it. These soldiers are specially trained for the sole task of protecting the MAZ-660 and are referred to as RU-20 "Bodyguard" units.

The Bodyguards are not as well-trained as Wolves and Bears, but are determined and disciplined. They are armed mostly with AK-74 assault rifles and do not have access to the same heavy-duty body armor that SGB riflemen and engineers are issued. King Spiders are also equipped with twin 23mm chainguns and a 12.7mm coaxial machinegun.


  • Length- 22.0 m
  • Width- 5.2 m
  • Height- 4.2 m
  • Weight- 40 tons
  • 2x 720HP diesel engine
  • Crew- unknown

King Spider CallsignsEdit

  • Steppe Wolf
  • Steel Czar
  • Permafrost
  • Papa Bear
  • Tyrant
  • Babba Yagga - a witch-like character of many fairy tales
  • Red Star
  • Cossack