MI-80 Tarantula
Mi-80 Tarantula is a Russian single-rotor helicopter in service with both the elite formation Spetsnaz Guard Brigades and the Russian Air Force. It is the world's largest single-rotor helicopter. Over 1500 Mi-80 Tarantula helicopters is in service with the Russian Air Force.


The Tarantula is the largest single-rotor helicpoter in use in the year 2020. Based on a design that first appeared in the 1980's, this new version is able to carry more than double the weight of its predecessor and is used by the SGB to deliver heavy equipment and armor to hot zones over short distances. A large crate is suspended from the bottom, carryng vehicles in it.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The earlier design is the Mi-26 Halo, simply the biggest helicopter ever. It can legally haul over 20 tonns of cargo - or more than a hundred people. Among its achievements are evacuating a CH-47 Chinook helicopter downed in Afganistan, and even moving a Tu-134 airliner (probably in pieces, because it weights 54 tonns). Its variant, the Mi-27, was built as an airborne command centre for an entire army (corps, 50000-60000 personell).

It's not exactly clear why anyone would try to arm (there's clearly a nose gun) such a cumbersome craft, and equip it with such an abnormal cockpit design - the single forward "bubble" is for the gunner (if it's following the logic of Mi-24), while the two upper "bubbles" are for pilots. Does someone really expecting it to be capable of fighting?