Naggaroth (meaning Land of Chill in High and Dark Elven), is the cold and inhospitable realm of the Dark Elves, lying far across the Great Ocean to the west of the Old World. "Naggaroth" can mean either the northern continent of the New World as a whole, or specifically the northern region of the continent that is the realm of the Dark Elves. Even the realm of Nagarythe at the High Elf island kingdom of Ulthuan, is a part of the Dark Elf kingdom of Naggaroth, and is the birth-place of Malekith, Witch-King of Naggaroth.

The capital, largest and oldest Dark Eldar/Dark Elf city is Naggarond, the Fortress of Malekith, Witch-King of Naggaroth. Other large Dark Eldar cities and Fortresses is: Har Ganeth; home to the brutal Elite Dark Elf Executioner warrirors, Black Ark Tower of the Blessed Dread; one of the largest Dark Elf Fortresses and home to the most notable Dark Elf families, Karond-Kar; the northern Dark Elf city and home to the feared Dark Elf Beastmasters, Hag Graef; home to other most notable Dark Elf clans, Ghrond; the North Tower, Arnheim; a Dark Elf naval port and Clar Karond; home to most of the Dark Elf shipyards for the shipbuilding of warships for the Dark Elf armada.

Naggaroth is a heavy well guarded Fortress realm and to the north; many Dark Elf Watch Towers has been built for the defense of Naggaroth alone-side the borders between Naggaroth and Realm of Chaos, and to the south; a vast Dark Elf Army guard the borders between Naggaroth and Lustria; the jungle continent and home to the Lizardmen. It is the largest Empire at the planet of Warhammer World.