Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz2
Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz

Soviet battleship of the Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz.

Class overview
Name: Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz

Shipyard Nr. 189, Leningrad

Nikolayev South Shipyard, Nikolayev

Nikolayev North Shipyard, Nikolayev

Shipyard Nr. 402, Severodvinsk

Operators: Soviet Navy
Preceded by: Sovetsky Soyuz class battleship
Succeeded by: K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz class battleship



In commission: 1953-Present
Planned: 10
Completed: 10
Cancelled: 0
Retired: 0
Active: 10
General characteristics after 1950 modifications
Type: Battleship

59,150 tonnes (61,190 long tons) (standard)

65,150 tonnes (67,370 long tons) (full load)

Length: 269,4 m (883 ft 10 in)
Beam: 38,9 m (127 ft 7 in)
Draught: 10,4 m (34 ft 1 in)
Installed power:

201,000 shp (150 MW)(149,886 kW) normal

231,000 shp (172 MW) maximum

Propulsion: 3 shafts, Brown Boveri steam turbines 6 triangle-type boilers
Speed: (52 km/h; 24 mph)
Complement: 1282

3 × 3 – 406 mm (16.0 in) B-37 guns

6 × 2 – 152 mm (6.0 in) B-38 guns

6 × 2 – 100-millimeter (3.9 in) B-34 DP guns

10 × 4 – 37-millimeter (1.5 in) 61-K AA guns

Two Chelomei 16KhN launchers (later)


Waterline belt: 180–420 mm (7.1–17 in)

Deck: 25–155 mm (0.98–6.1 in)

Turrets: 230–495 mm (9.1–19.5 in)

Barbettes: 425 mm (16.7 in)

Bulkheads: 75–365 mm (3–14 in)

Conning tower: 425 mm (16.7 in)

Aircraft carried: 4 Beriev Be-4/KOR-2 flying boats;
2 catapults

The Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz (Russian: Линейные корабли проекта 24) is a class of Soviet battleships designed and built for the Soviet Navy and is a continuation on the previous Sovetsky Soyuz class battleship that were designed and built in the late 1930s, but the shipbuilding was stopped in 1941, during World World II. They were completed and finish in the 1950s, together with the guided missile battleship class K-1000 Sovetsky Soyuz class battleship.

The Soviet Union planned to build ten battleships of the Project 24 Sovetsky Soyuz, with start of the construction in the early 1940s, but because of the outbreak of World War II and Operation Barbarossa on June 22 1941, the construction was stopped and was not finish until the 1950s aloneside the new Stalingrad class battlecruisers.

The battleships have a speed of 30 knots, cruising range of 6,000 miles, and is armed with nine 406 mm guns (16.0 in), twenty-four 48 mm guns and 130 45 mm guns and was even later mounted with two Chelomei 16KhN launchers.

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