Sukhoi Su-38 Slamhound
Sukhoi Su-38 Slamhound is a fighter aircraft in the Russian Air Force and is the most powerful and most modern fighter aircraft within it's air force.


When the Russian military began modernizing the Air Force lobbied intensively for new aircraft to replace their ageing fleet. The Sukhoi design bureau, designer of the well known Su-27 Flanker, was chosen for the task of designing a new close support aircraft to replace the outdated Su-25 Frogfoot. The result was the Su-38 "Slamhound". The Sukhoi bureau borrowed extensively from previous designs when it built the Slamhound. The airframe is almost identical to the Su-47 Berkut. Internally the aircraft resembles the tank-like Su-25. The pilot of the Su-38 sits in a high strength carbon nano-tube bathtub, which also surrounds the avionics, helping to increase the plane's survivabilty without adding significantly to the mass. The aircraft has thrust vectoring nozzles, which improve the aircraft's handling, allowing the Su-38 to perform the trademark "Pugachev's cobra" and tailslide manoeuvres.


Crew: 1 Pilot

Powerplant: 2 high efficiency afterburning turbofans with thrust vectoring and digital control

Armament: Unknown, only sighted carrying rockets/AGM's


  • It appears when the player calls in "Air Strike" when playing as Russia, as well as parked at Rovanemi Air Base regardless of the defending faction.
  • The current brand-new fighter is Su PAK-FA a.k.a. T-50, while the Frogfoot is not going anywhere, having earned the love of everyone who's not on the recieving end of it. The Su-47 itself is a technology demonstrator for Su-27KM, a fifth-generation fighter for the Soviet Navy.
  • It's understandable why the Su-38 does not use the gun - it's likely the lightweight single-barrel (yet still at 1500 RPM) burst-firing GSh-30-1. One burst is usually enough to pulverize any aircarft, but the typical supply of 150 rounds is not enough for ground attack. A ground-attack version is likely to carry twin GSh-23-2L or GSh-30-2, like the Su-25 does, or even GSh-23-5 or GSh-30-6 Gatling cannons. The recoil of these weapons slows the aircraft significantly, or can launch the dashboard into the pilot. The R-series rocket pod that seems to be used for the Level 1 Air Strike is a cheap and recoilless solution.
  • "Slamhound" is not a NATO repoting name. All Fighter r.n.s start with F: Flanker, Fishbed, Fulcrum. S stands for Surface-to-Surface, as in the Scud missle. Russians themselves do not give official monikers to aircraft.